the Prison Ministry


In Matthew 25 Jesus says “for I was in prison and you visited me”.  A commandment he gave us and so in practice we have been visiting and bringing hope and encouragement to the local prison since 2000.


The local prison is one big room with about a hundred men with  in a small room next door the women. They are in prison for all sorts of reasons which we do not ask about as we come to bring the love of Jesus. They have little to do and so any input is welcome; they are on a cross road, stuck in life and so to show them the road to life and bring deliverance of their old thinking is well received.


The team starts with a key message, followed by small groups where in they often confess their problems and receive personal councel and prayer. Great testimonies have come forth and often when they come out they pass by to say thank you before they go back to their families. Recently we had a man stand up towards the end to publicly confess he was a killer but now he was saved and his life was  in God’s hands. Like the confessing murderer on the cross Jesus said to him “today you will be with me in paradise”! God changes people!  Finishing of  the meetings we give them a lunch as the food they get is very little.


In 2016 we finished the building of a clinic at the prison. When one get sick, it spreads through the prison and we have seen prisoners die. With cooperation of the government we agreed to do the building and they would provide the nurses and medicines. Oktober 2016 we had the official opening with a lunch for all!

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below a little clip on the prison ministry:

  1. may the lord highly bless you for the good work you are doing..

  2. may the lord highly bless you.

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