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How the Bible School came to pass: through the prayer meetings we facilitated we realised the need for training. The Bible says in Romans 12v2: ‘do not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind so you might find the perfect will of God’.  Many have no purpose in life and are waiting to be an accident. So we started the Discipleship School and it became a transforming ministry! The school grew into a Bible school with three courses.

school at cross3

We have three courses running, a leadership and a discipleship course, a second year; Studies of the New Testament and a third year; studies of the Old Testament.

The discipleship course is for one year, taking students through a process of finding God for their lives, finding out who they are in God and what He specifically has for them. Study and prayer and groups discussions lead them through an exciting year with an outreach every last week of the month into the nation to make HIM known as He came to set the captives free and bring freedom in every area of our lives, that’s the Good News!

Collages22-001 (600 x 424)                                                          students 2016

The Leadership course is for pastors and leaders of the community. By the end of the year they have to do an exam with an Graduation ceremony to finish of the year.  If they have the right marks they can continue in the second year which is an intense year of studying the books of the New Testament and continue the third year, studies of the Old Testament.

In 2017  172 students graduated and 2018 the school has 586 students in three years. The school is lead by a team of 12 teachers.

graduation2016-001 (600 x 424)                                                  graduation ceremony 2016

gradu2015                                                       graduation ceremony 2015           

pb020665-600-x-450                                         graduation ceremonie 2010

 below the clip of the discipleship school 2011:

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