• 2017 – Greetings to all, we are on a Sabbatical year, but the work continues, so please continue to pray for the leaders in the field…


    Happy New Year, 2017

    Celebrating the first day of the year in traditions at the pool with all the boys!

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    Sunday, 25th of December

    Christmas 2016: presents with all the boys, lunch and the message in the prison and in the evening a supper + talent show for all the kids!

    boys christmas (600 x 443)

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    Friday 16th of December

    We had a graduation ceremony for 7th grade who passed their exams and are moving to a different school. They received a certificate, a Bible and a candle to be lit at the Menorah which was a symbol of the taking the Light with them. We finished of with a lunch for the students and parents.

    graduation 7th grade (600 x 428)

    Saturday 3rd of December

    International day for the Handicap and it was celebrated big at the Center, with governor and other officials present and Moz Radio broadcasting.

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    Wednesday 16th of November

    Sarah celebrated a year of meetings with the women from the village with a lunch and cake!

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    Saturday, 12th of November

    Graduation at the Bible school with 150+ graduating, 8 honors and Corrie Hugo speaking on the theme”Revelation”, so blessed!

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    Friday 14th of October

    Some years ago we had a prisoner die while we were in the prison for ministry, we decided something had to be done so we made an agreement with government, they would provide nurses, we would build a clinic/sickbay for prisoners to be treated. This Friday we had the official opening with government officials present and a lunch for all included all the prisoners. Matthew25v35/36:”I was in prison and you visited me, I was sick and you looked after me”

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    Tuesday, 4th of October

    The Discipleship school worked for a week in the prison in Gorongosa, feeding them and teaching them the Word of God; a new work has started here and will continue on a weekly base next year…

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    Thursday 1st of September

    At the Centre of the Handicapped we had a wonderful conference for the deaf but many other disabled people were  enjoying the atmosphere of Love!

    prison 20162-001 (600 x 428)

  • Saturday, 13th of July

    All the students from the Bible school came together for teaching, baptism and a lunch as 22 students got baptized today.

    baptism 2016-001 (600 x 431)

    Wednesday, 8th of June

    At the prison we have build a clinic for the prisoners. As all the prisoners are in one big room, sickness comes in and spreads quickly, even prisoners die because of bad circumstances. For that reason we made a deal, we would build a clinic or sickbay and they would provide two nurses. Today students from the Bible school came to paint the inside and outside.

    prison 2016-001 (600 x 429)

    Wednesday, first of June

    Children’s day: an Art Competition with a theme: the future of Mozambique through the eyes of children! with four categories and 12 winners! Afterwards lunch for over 700 kids, great fun! (Sarah baked the cakes for all, with the boys helping….)

    childrens day 2016-001

    Friday, 6th of May

    We had visitors from Master’s Heart at the Center for the Handicapped to teach on Health issues and to encourage. The classes for the deaf and classes for handicapped children are growing. We hope to start a new building project at the center, a home for the mentally disabled, they are the most rejected and need our help, more on this project will follow….

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    Sunday, 27th of March Pascoa

    Wonderful time of Easter, celebrating with all the Maforga kids: a play and lamb for lunch!

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    Thursday, 17th of March

    At the Primary School we realized the hunger at home as this season the crops have failed and most people survive on wild leaves er whatever they can find. So we have started a lunch for all the pupils (700) to try to help them while they are at school…

    varias-001 (600 x 424)

    Tuesday, 26th of January

    The Bible School has started with over 200 students in the first year at four different locations and 26 student in the second year!

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    New Year

    Day out with all the boys of the Centre to start the New Year…

    2016 jan1-001 (600 x 424)

  • Friday, 15th of December

    we had a graduation for 7th grade of the Primary School!

    gradu prim 15-001 (600 x 432)

    Sunday, 15th of November

    Maforga saying farewell to Joan Goodman, serving almost 30 years, a finishing line of a race well run!


    Saturday, 7th of November

    Graduation 2015, 130 students have passed the exam and we had an amazing celebration with all the schools, Gorongosa, Nharachonga and Maforga together


    Tuesday, 29th of September

    We prayed at the spot were 44 people (counted for as other bodies had been removed at night) were killed over the weekend, 44 families losing a loved one, the blood shed crying out for justice…(for the full story, go to latest update)

    20150929_091640 (600 x 459)

    Friday, 17th of September

    These three brothers have come to live with us, Nori, Francesco and Domingo, lived by themselves as the sister of 13 had abandoned them (both parents died); the oldest is slightly handicapped and the youngest was severely burned…but they are such great kids!

    20150916_122721 (585 x 600)

    Wednesday, second of September

    Prayer at Inchope (center of Mozambique) with the team from Holland and the Bible school: tremendous shortage of water (no rain for more then five months) and as we prayed with the people next two days it didn’t stop raining!

    team holland1-001

    Sunday, 30th of August

    The team from Holland took the church service at the Maforga Church


    Saturday, 29th of August

    At the Maforga Bible School we had a conference for all the schools so Gorongosa and Narashonga came to join us at Maforga, again the team from Holland attended and taught the Word…

    team holland2-002

    team holland-003

    Friday, 28th of August

    We had a team from Holland who attended several conferences, here at the prison, a powerful time of teaching and prayer…

    team holland3-001

    Tuesday, the 4th of August

    The Bible School went on outreach to Dombe, not an easy place to be, very few churches deep in the bush…

    Dombe 2015-003

    Friday the 31st of July

    Team from Master’s Heart, North Dakota, USA came to minister for 10 days, here at the Center for the Handicap

    team holland5-001

    Friday the third of July

    We started the building of a clinic at the prison to prevent sickness to spread and sick prisoners to stay in sickbay…Every week the students of the Discipleship School come in to minister…


    Saturday, 27th of June

    The Discipleship School went on outreach to Narachonga and worked together with the Leadership School…


    Tuesday the 16th of June

    We had a visit from Unseen, a media group from the States filming the work of a missionary, here a picture of the team and the Tanis family  (all the boys at the Centre)


    family 2015

    Thursday, 11th of June

    We had a two-day conference for the deaf at the Centre for the Handicapped, this group is most isolated and needs attention. Colin and Eve from Australia came for the second year and with the help of the Discipleship students we ministered the love of Jesus!

    conf for the deaf

    Monday, the first of June

    childrens day 2

    Tuesday, 20th of May

    outreach 2015 gorongosa-002 (600 x 430)

    Good Friday, third of April

    Easter time is a wonderful time; the Bible school performed ”the Passion of Christ” for the Primary School and the Community, later on they went to the prison to share the communion and a week later many were baptised in out garden….

    pasco baptism-001

    pascoa 20151-001


    Wednesday, 18th of March

    Here 7th grade at the Primary School…

    SAM_0285-001 (600 x 307)

    Sunday, 15th of March
    After a wonderful trip to the USA and Europe we are back on track. While away, the ministry has been flourishing. Here the Bible school, serving 170 students in three different locations…
    collages 15 (600 x 424)

  • Thursday, first of January

    Happy New Year, we had a great time at the pool with all our kids, this first day of the year: food and fun!

    new year 2015-001 (600 x 431)

    Thursday, 25th of December

    It’s Christmas time: presents for all the kids, lunch for the Prison and the Christmas play in the Evening, happy times!

    christmas 2014-001 (600 x 431)

    Wednesday, 17th of December

    We had a team from South-Africa who painted and finished the Prayer House at the primary school, now ready for use as ”Prayer changes everything”

    prayer house

    Wednesday, third of December

    Day for the Handicapped: a March through Gondola to raise awareness, speeches and a lunch for all, a great day out!

    day for handicap 2014-001 (600 x 432)

    Saturday, 15th of November

    Graduation Caia Leadership School 2014: Rising up like the Eagle!

    Collages2-001 (600 x 430)

    Saturday, 9th of November

    Final Conference and Graduation Maforga Discipleship and Leadership School 2014 : theme: Rising, having vision and flying like the Eagle! Wonderful time!

    graduation 20141-001 (600 x 430)

    Tuesday, 28th of October

    Last outreach of the Discipleship school 2014 to different places, here Narachonga


    Monday, 13th of October

    Great day at the Primary School: Teachers day, celebrating and encouraging the educators of the future generation, herewith a picture of our team

    teachers day-001 (600 x 429)

    Tuesday, 30th of September

    Discipleship team had and amazing outreach in Caia…great testimonies: the old man in the picture is in his eighties, living in the bush and never in his life heard the Gospel but gave his life to the Lord! others spoke on the radio and we were invited to do a monthly program, others taught in the Leadership School…

    caia outreach sept-001 (600 x 431)

    Wednesday, 24th of September

    We were invited to bring the projects from the Centre for the Handicapped to a show in Maputo where our President Guebuza did the opening…here Zaceriah showing the work to the President…

    handicap 20143-001 (600 x 430)

    Tuesday, 23rd of September

    Just sending of a team from the Maforga Discipleship School to meet the Leadership School in Caia for the week! they will be visiting and praying for every household as God loves the people of Caia!

    caia sept outreach

    Friday, 5th of September

    One of our little boys in the boys centre, Kei had his Birthday party! 12 years old, not so little anymore!


    Wednesday, 3rd of September

    Building of the next Prayer House has started, this time at the Primary School…asking God for a great harvest to come forth….


    Friday, 29th of August

    Today Nana (Joan Goodman), 85 years old, came to the Centre for the Handicapped and encouraged the people with her testimony…prayer changes everything!


    Tuesday, 19th of August

    Mozambique Children’s Parliament with president Dinis came together for one week debating children’s rights in our nation…


    Friday, 15th of August

    The Discipleship School finished the Kairos course: ‘Go into all the world and bring the Good News to all peoples, tribes and nations!’


    Friday, first of August

    We had visitors from the US at the Primary School, the partners who fund the school; here a picture of a all of us, teachers, workers and partners…


    Thursday, 31th of July

    Conference for the deaf at the Centre for the Handicapped with Collin and Eva from Australia, wonderful time with many miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit


    Wednesday, 30th of July

    the students from the Discipleship School received their new shirt: great class!


    Friday,25th of July

    Outreaches on different locations, here the prison…


    Tuesday, 15th of July

    the Discipleship School is on outreach in Pinahanga for the week, meaning ‘meat for the witches’ but the by the authority of Jesus the curse is reversed!


    Friday, 11the of July

    We had a week of prayer and fasting for the ministry with a breaking of the fast in the village, followed by a conference in the weekend…



    Saturday, 21 0f June

    Caia: a South-African team came to work with our team: visiting every household, showing the Jesus film every night and having meetings every day: Caia is being lifted up, great testimonies, people saved, people healed and delivered!


    Thursday, 12th of June

    Twice a week the students of the Discipleship School come to our Primary School and teach the pupils the Word of God


    Tuesday, 10th of June

    Today a new project has started for the blind at the Centre for the Handicapped!


    Sunday, 8th of June

    Discipleship School coming back from one week Outreach to Dombe in the bush: Intercession and reaching a people for Christ! Great testimony’s of the power God manifesting!



    Monday, 2nd of June

    International Children’s  Day part2  Celebration at our Primary School: games, competitions with prize-giving and lunch for all! Wonderful day!


    Sunday, first of June

    International Children’s Day, part1, official opening by the Governor and presented by Dinis, our boy from the Centre who was chosen to be President of the Children’s Parliament Mozambique!


    Saturday, 17th of May

    Team made the trip to Caia for running the Leadership School, much prayer needed for pastors and leaders…


  • Thursday, 8th of May

    Discipleship School on outreach for the week to Inchope, a crossroad in Mozambique, giving out 3000 booklets ‘how to know God’ and today we had a day of prayer and intercession: 2Chron7v14 ‘If my people who are called by my name, humble them selves and pray…..I will heal their land!’


    Saturday, 3rd of May

    A weekend rest at the beach with the family, loving it!


    Thursday, first of May

    tonight we had a Birthday party for the little boys, great fun…


    Friday, 25th of April

    At the Primary School we had a Teachers’ seminar with Joy Creswell while the students from the Disciple School worked with the pupils….


    Wonderful to have Farai back with us in Moz, today she visited the Centre for the Handicapped…


    Wednesday, 23th of April

    This week Trish Perkins was teaching on ‘the power of the Blood’ in the Discipleship School…


    Sunday, 20th of April

    Today it was Samuel Reuben’s baptism among many of our youngsters, final day of Pascoa celebrations: ‘He is risen’


    Saturday, 19th of April

    Great time with our kids to produce ‘the Passover play’ today and will be showing tonight!


    Friday, 18th of April

    Good Friday: Great celebration with the Discipleship School, many got baptized…’the old is gone, the new has come’


    Thursday, 17 th of April

    Pascoa celebrations have started:


     Tuesday, 15th of April

    Outreach team came back after one week in Dombe, four hour drive in the bush, with amazing testimonies of people coming into the Kingdom of God and the power of the Holy Spirit working…


    Saturday, 10th of April

    Mission Caia: Leadership School, 11 hours drive, 6 hour teaching and so blessed….


    Friday, 11th of April

    Ministry at different locations, below the prison ministry team…


    Tuesday, 9th of April

    Twice a week in the Centre for the Handicapped they have a project ‘sandal making’…


    Saturday, 5th of April


    Sunday, 30th of March

    Going to church on Sunday in our new car, how many would fit in….


    Friday, 28th of March

    The Maforga Primary School will continue as we found a sponsor! A testimony of Gods faithfulness and answering prayer! Today we met with the teachers and the students from the Discipleship School with the pupils!



    Sunday, 23rd of March

    Last year one of our boys from the centre, Renate got married with Alicia and now they have their firstborn, Simon! Are we now grandparents? …..and it’s not the first time….


    Friday, 14th of March

    Isaiah 53v5
    he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brough us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed.


    Thursday, 13th of March

    the Discipleship School had a powerful week on the topic ‘the weed garden; rejection and it’s fruit in your life…


    Friday, 7th of March

    today prison ministry: drama, biblestudy groups and lunch!


    Wednesday, 26th of February

    Sarah had her birthday and here we are with cake and our new puppy celebrating!


    Tuesday, 25th of February

    An outreach team made up from discipleship students from previous years were sent out by class 2014 to work in Tica area: visiting every household bringing Good News and inviting them to the meetings to hear about who is God, who am I and what is His plan for my life?



    Saturday, 22nd of February

    great birthday party for Ernesto and the little boys…


    Friday, 21st of February

    Today we visited the Center for the Handicapped, all the activities are well attended – it has become a Well of Life


    Saturday, 15th of February

    We have started a new work,  a second Leadership School in Caia, 350km from Maforga, the beginning of a new mission in that area. A big group of pastors and leaders were waiting for us, pray for Caia…



    Friday, 14th of February

    First outreach for the Discipleship School to the Maforga Primary School, teaching the kids the Gospel en praying for the teachers….


    Saturday, 8th of February

    Leadership School 2014 has began, wonderful class, today here at Maforga, next week in Caia…


    Wednesday, 5th of February

    Discipleship school today, the Holy Spirit moving, wonderful time…


    Tuesday, 28th of January

    New students for the Discipleship School have come in: getting to know God, getting to know self and getting to know what He has for you! Our seventh school, trusting God it will be an exciting year!


    Thursday, 26th of January

    Running a ‘summer school’ a youth seminar this week in Beira at Sarinha center


    New Years Day

    Had a great day out with all the boys at the pool, playing games and lunch!





    Christmas day, 25th of December
    Wonderful days with lots of smiles: the Christmas play, presents for the orphans, lunch in the prison and supper + talents show:








  1. You Guys Rock!
    Praise the Lord for people like you !
    Pete and Dawn

  2. Hi.
    A couple friend of mine who visiting Maforga regularly told me about your work. God is good.For now I am start praying for Maforga Mission….
    May God bless you.

  3. Hey guys!
    Love the photo/video album:) Makes me wish I was there with you all. Know that you have my prayers:)


  4. Wauw, het is zoo mooi om te zien wat jullie allemaal doen, en dat jullie naar de minste van de maatschappij! gaan 🙂 Ik vond het tof dat jullie even in Nederland waren! En ik wil jullie zegenen met nog meer liefde en doorbraken in Mozambique, in Jezus naam!

    Lieefs Dianda

  5. I love that you use a shofar, menorah, & tallit to help keep your teachings more culturally & historically correct. However, why teach the resurrection as “Easter” which makes it out of context with Scripture? Why not teach it as the Scripturally appointed time of First Fruits that directly follows the celebration/commemoration of the Passover?

    “Easter” is known throughout the Christian & Catholic world as a day separate from the Hebrew foundation & therefore separate from Israel. Many who celebrate “Easter” do not seem to understand that believers are grafted into Israel through a covenant made with Israel as revealed in Jeremiah 31:27-38. They do not seem to understand & look forward to the future fulfillment of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, & Sukkot. Are they His? I am not The Judge, but I know for sure that The Messiah of Scripture is the First Fruits of the resurrection to eternal life as laid out per God’s “calendar” of His appointed times. There is no good reason to separate Him from His Hebrew root.

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