In Matthew 28 Jesus commanded us to Go out into all the world and preach the Good News, make disciples and teach them to obey all he commanded us!


This has been our mandate for Mozambique to reach every village and bring the Good News, making disciples and bringing them together in a body called church. So many villages have been reached since we began this work and so our focus this year were the Gorongosa mountains, Inchope (cross road in Mozambique), Narachonga, Muda-Serrasau, Pindahanga, Chissunda, Mucombedzi, Doeroi, Chipinga and Moyachena.

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Bringing forth lasting fruit requires intercession, lots of sowing which means visiting every household and investing in local leaders. Teams go in a week at the time and come back with reports, the prayer houses start to work and new teams go back until we see fruit coming forth. Every area is different with different problems but nothing is impossible to overcome. Gorongosa is steeped in withchcraft while Inchope has a major problem of prostitution and drinking. But the hunger for the Gospel is amazing, the fields are ripe but the workers are few. We could send out tens of teams to many more areas as we get many requests. Please pray for us in Mission-Mozambique to reach a nation for Christ, calling forth the sons and daughters of the Kingdom!


This is how the Gorongosa story was led:

In 2001 we climbed the mountains of Gorongosa and stayed in a cave close to the top for three days to fast and pray for Mozambique. It’s like you’re on the roof of the nation as the mountains are situated in the middle of Mozambique. As we looked out we could feel the cry of the people for help, this nation has been living under a curse for many centuries which means destruction resulting in poverty, suffering and eventually death. But Jesus came to reverse the curse and so we are the salt of the earth, the light shining in darkness to bring change! It is time for change for Mozambique but what manifests in the natural must be won first in the spiritual: Prayer changes everything! Let your Kingdom come on earth as it is ordained in heaven!


So strategically situated, we want to see change in Gorongosa,  teams of Mozambican missionaries  go out and work, pray and teach the Word.  Many people are living in the mountains in isolated places so the team walk & climb!  We work together with pastor Costa and his wife who have lived there all their lives and know the mountain villages well. So every house is visited and every person spoken to and prayed for. Many have turned from darkness (deep witchcraft) to Light, from the old to the new life Jesus brought to us.


Secondly, discipleship is very important which means spending lots of time with the people, showing the way of Life in the Word of God and putting it  into practice. So far many have surrendered their lives, have been baptised and a new church is built. Please pray for Mission “Gorongosa”, for people to be saved, for lives to be changed and for direction, guidance and wisdom for the teams and pastor Costa.


So we have been praying and sowing the Word, gathered in the harvest and brought them into groups to study and worship together. Now they wanted to build a place to meet; what we call a church, they call it “Place of Meeting”! (photo below)

Back at  Maforga in our House of Prayer we put up the lists of new converts, maps of the villages and pray and send out the teams to continue this work. It’s all done by indigenous missionaries, trained at the Discipleship School & now on fire for God to reach the nation! Below a picture of a Mission Centre being build by the locals at the foot of the mountain, a place of meeting for the villages to come together. On what has happened in the other places go to Photo Blog….

Are you interested in supporting this work or want to be involved through prayer and receive updates, please contact us.


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