Maforga Christian Mission


Maforga Christian Mission is a mission station in the centre of Mozambique. It was started by Roy and Trish Perkins around 1987 in response to the immeasurable suffering of ordinary people to reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To tend to the peoples’ physical needs initially relief aid was channelled through Maforga to thousands. Since peace-time the mission has established two orphanages, a primary school, a technical school, an out-patient clinic and baby clinic plus milk program as well as an extended home-base care system using volunteers to encourage and monitor the aids patients and orphans in the villages.

The farm

We, Kees and Sarah Tanis, joined the mission in 1996 and began taking care of the boys’ orphanage. Our work grew and since 2009 we have established a Bible School with a Discipleship School for young people and a Leaderships School for pastors and leaders. This ministry has grown in reaching out to the disabled, the schools and the prison. Mission-Mozambique became our mandate to reach the nation with the Gospel: sending Mozambican teams into every village to teach, preach and reach every household. For more information open one of the pages above…

Above a pictures of Roy and Trish Perkins in the first years, the captivity of Maforga team during the war, below pictures of Trish having activities with the girls and the babies….



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