Center for the Handicapped



Handicapped people are the most forgotten group in our nation, most rejected as they are on the streets begging for something to survive on. Often they are abused by families or used in prostitution so little future or hope for a handicapped person.

handicap gorongosa1-001 (600 x 434)                3th of December day for the Handicapped, big celebration at the Center

They are made in the image of God, they have a soul; emotions, mind and will and are no different to any of us. But through the unimaginable rejection they have been seriously wounded and are in need of restoration and healing. Jesus came to set the captives free, to bring redemption and so as followers of Christ we are called to bring change to the situation of this group.

handicap 20143-001 (600 x 430)    above: presentation of the projects to the president of Mozambique in 2014handicapped-2-600-x-415_0

In 2013 we opened a day care center for handicapped people. We started three different self-sustaining projects; making mats for blind people, making sandals for physically disabled and a sewing project of uniforms for the schools. In 2016 we started a school for the deaf and a school for disabled people who never been to school.

prison 20162-001 (600 x 428)

On Fridays the Discipleship school comes to have a morning of prayer and bible study. The place has become a well of life for the least wanted, now they engage in work or study and have lunch together.


We have an office for anyone to come and ask for assistance or help in their situation. Once a month we have a meeting for all the handicapped with a theme to bring support. The number of members of the center is more than 400 disabled people.

Our latest project is building a home for mentally handicapped children.


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  1. I know, of cause,first hand how hard you two work. Yet here is another project. You are remarkable and will always be my role models of what missionaries should be. Indead what Chritian service and commitment should be. I am moved to tears this 4am. Saturday morning at the scope of your new venture and promise to pray for you and the lives you touch. – Trish

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