the Children’s Home

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Our first responsibility is the children’s home, an orphanage, the care of a group of 40 to 50 boys in the age from 7 till 23.

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Our goal has always been to create a family atmosphere with all it’s duty’s and blessings. They have a routine of prayer, breakfast, school, lunch, workduty’s homework and supper. They cook in little groups as we have four leaders with four family’s. So one big boy is head over a group of boys.


We have a lot of fun, play volleyball and soccer, watch movies in the weekend and sit around for games. The kids go to our own primary school till 7th grade and move on to secondary school up to 12th grade. Some go on to University or a practical course, mechanics, computers and finishing of with a driving license.

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God wants the best for each one of them and so we want the best for them, He has a plan and a purpose for each child and we’ve been priviledged to help them come into this plan. Many have moved on into jobs as teachers, translators and drivers…

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Next to the Boys Centre we support an External Orphan Program; orphan children who stay in the community but get support for food, clothing and schooling. An elderly granny,  a neightbour or a pastor takes care of the child and so they stay in the community.


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