Saturday, 13th of July

All the students from the Bible school came together for teaching, baptism and a lunch as 22 students got baptized today.

baptism 2016-001 (600 x 431)

Wednesday, 8th of June

At the prison we have build a clinic for the prisoners. As all the prisoners are in one big room, sickness comes in and spreads quickly, even prisoners die because of bad circumstances. For that reason we made a deal, we would build a clinic or sickbay and they would provide two nurses. Today students from the Bible school came to paint the inside and outside.

prison 2016-001 (600 x 429)

Wednesday, first of June

Children’s day: an Art Competition with a theme: the future of Mozambique through the eyes of children! with four categories and 12 winners! Afterwards lunch for over 700 kids, great fun! (Sarah baked the cakes for all, with the boys helping….)

childrens day 2016-001

Friday, 6th of May

We had visitors from Master’s Heart at the Center for the Handicapped to teach on Health issues and to encourage. The classes for the deaf and classes for handicapped children are growing. We hope to start a new building project at the center, a home for the mentally disabled, they are the most rejected and need our help, more on this project will follow….

New folder1-001

Sunday, 27th of March Pascoa

Wonderful time of Easter, celebrating with all the Maforga kids: a play and lamb for lunch!

2016 jan2-001 (600 x 424)

Thursday, 17th of March

At the Primary School we realized the hunger at home as this season the crops have failed and most people survive on wild leaves er whatever they can find. So we have started a lunch for all the pupils (700) to try to help them while they are at school…

varias-001 (600 x 424)

Tuesday, 26th of January

The Bible School has started with over 200 students in the first year at four different locations and 26 student in the second year!

Collages22-001 (600 x 424)

New Year

Day out with all the boys of the Centre to start the New Year…

2016 jan1-001 (600 x 424)

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