Friday, 15th of December

we had a graduation for 7th grade of the Primary School!

gradu prim 15-001 (600 x 432)

Sunday, 15th of November

Maforga saying farewell to Joan Goodman, serving almost 30 years, a finishing line of a race well run!


Saturday, 7th of November

Graduation 2015, 130 students have passed the exam and we had an amazing celebration with all the schools, Gorongosa, Nharachonga and Maforga together


Tuesday, 29th of September

We prayed at the spot were 44 people (counted for as other bodies had been removed at night) were killed over the weekend, 44 families losing a loved one, the blood shed crying out for justice…(for the full story, go to latest update)

20150929_091640 (600 x 459)

Friday, 17th of September

These three brothers have come to live with us, Nori, Francesco and Domingo, lived by themselves as the sister of 13 had abandoned them (both parents died); the oldest is slightly handicapped and the youngest was severely burned…but they are such great kids!

20150916_122721 (585 x 600)

Wednesday, second of September

Prayer at Inchope (center of Mozambique) with the team from Holland and the Bible school: tremendous shortage of water (no rain for more then five months) and as we prayed with the people next two days it didn’t stop raining!

team holland1-001

Sunday, 30th of August

The team from Holland took the church service at the Maforga Church


Saturday, 29th of August

At the Maforga Bible School we had a conference for all the schools so Gorongosa and Narashonga came to join us at Maforga, again the team from Holland attended and taught the Word…

team holland2-002

team holland-003

Friday, 28th of August

We had a team from Holland who attended several conferences, here at the prison, a powerful time of teaching and prayer…

team holland3-001

Tuesday, the 4th of August

The Bible School went on outreach to Dombe, not an easy place to be, very few churches deep in the bush…

Dombe 2015-003

Friday the 31st of July

Team from Master’s Heart, North Dakota, USA came to minister for 10 days, here at the Center for the Handicap

team holland5-001

Friday the third of July

We started the building of a clinic at the prison to prevent sickness to spread and sick prisoners to stay in sickbay…Every week the students of the Discipleship School come in to minister…


Saturday, 27th of June

The Discipleship School went on outreach to Narachonga and worked together with the Leadership School…


Tuesday the 16th of June

We had a visit from Unseen, a media group from the States filming the work of a missionary, here a picture of the team and the Tanis family  (all the boys at the Centre)


family 2015

Thursday, 11th of June

We had a two-day conference for the deaf at the Centre for the Handicapped, this group is most isolated and needs attention. Colin and Eve from Australia came for the second year and with the help of the Discipleship students we ministered the love of Jesus!

conf for the deaf

Monday, the first of June

childrens day 2

Tuesday, 20th of May

outreach 2015 gorongosa-002 (600 x 430)

Good Friday, third of April

Easter time is a wonderful time; the Bible school performed ”the Passion of Christ” for the Primary School and the Community, later on they went to the prison to share the communion and a week later many were baptised in out garden….

pasco baptism-001

pascoa 20151-001


Wednesday, 18th of March

Here 7th grade at the Primary School…

SAM_0285-001 (600 x 307)

Sunday, 15th of March
After a wonderful trip to the USA and Europe we are back on track. While away, the ministry has been flourishing. Here the Bible school, serving 170 students in three different locations…
collages 15 (600 x 424)

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