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We,  Kees and Sarah Tanis have answered the call of God to go out and reach the nations. We were given one word ”Mozambique” not knowing how this would come to pass.

Both of us were trained as artists at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, Holland but one afternoon in 1995 the Anastasis, a hospitalship from YWAM came to the Harbour were we had our studio. They invited us to come and do a Discipleship Training Course, a springboard into missions. We prayed and opened our hearts “God, we want to go wherever you want us to be, if this is of you Lord show us the way” We needed  $7000,- to pay for the course and accomodation and the same week we received two letter from the municipal with a recognision for our artwork of the exact amount!

This was our step in faith and in obedience we went where He had planned us to be. We ended up at Maforga Christian Mission in Mozambique and are now running a four folded ministry: a Children’s Home, a Bible School, a Primary School and a Center for the Handicapped. In addition we minister among the Widows and Prisoners at the local prison. We have a vision called Mission-Mozambique, to reach every village, every household with the Gospel.

We have started a charity called Mosaic-Mozambique to raise funds for this ministry of serving the poor in Mozambique.

Now, more then 20 years later, we minister weekly to over a thousand people individually! God can use anyone, just be ready, be obedient and never give up and you will bear much fruit!

P5290339 (600 x 450)

Visit our pages to   get to know the challenge in Mozambique, especially the Photoblog will give you a glimpse of our daily lives, updates give you last months news.  The clip above will give you an overview of our ministry….

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